Reptile Large Turtle Square Pet Bed

Produttore: Serier Electronics

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Cod.: BG-1204578

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Reptile Large Turtle Square Pier Platform With Ramp Ladder Basking Floating Plastic Durable

Material: Plastic
Floating platform size: 41 x 28 cm
Pillar height: 40.5cm 
Ramp size: 17cm
Scope: water level between 11 ~ 40cm
Suitable For: Any turtle
- Floating island design, a large triangular terrace automatically float plane 
based on the depth of water, always floating between water, very convenient
- Strong suction cups, four support frame at the bottom with four suction cups 
fixed to the bottom of the tank durable
- With a manger, a large platen area, with a groove for pet food intake, and will 
not stain water quality. Pets also make climbing more fun to take food
Packing Included:
1 x Floating Platform (14 x accessories)
1 x Instruction

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