Pet Shower Head Bath Spray Single Wide Tap Hose Pipe Tub Sink Washing Faucet

Produttore: Serier Electronics

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Cod.: BG-1330949

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Test fold: Oval


Color: White
Material: Rubber/Plastic
Hand Set: ABS
Hose: PVC
Connector: TPE
Hose Length: 101cm
the total length : 1.15 m / 45.27''
length of the tube: 1.01 m / 39.76''
Suitable for most standard basin taps. Not suitable for square taps
Application: Pets

One can directly access the faucet, the other one can be used for shower.
Tube length 1.1 m, convenient and flexible, it can be used to connect the faucet to wash your hair.
Can be used to take a shower and wash your hair, you can give the baby a bath pet.

Package Include:
1x Tap Connector

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