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1000pcs 8 Values Diode Bag Assortment Kit 1N4148 FR107 1N5408 For Arduino

Venditore: Serier Electronics

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1.Wattage: 1W
2. Diode/rectifier type: DO-41 
3. RoHS: Yes
4. Standard Recovery Power Rectifier
5. Repetitive Reverse Voltage Max, Vrrm: 50V
6. Forward Current,IF(AV): 1A
7. Forward Surge Current Max, Ifsm: 30A
8. Forward Voltage Max, VF: 1.1V
9. Current Rating: 1A
10. Mode: IN5822, IN5408, IN5399, FR207, FR107, IN5819, IN4007, IN4148

2 pin through hole rectifier diodes used for many electronic projects hobbies and repairs, used in radios powers supplies and other devices 
Package included:
250 x IN4148 Diodes
250 x IN4007 Diodes
100 x IN5819 Diodes
100 x IN5399 Diodes
100 x FR107 Diodes
100 x FR207 Diodes
50 x IN5408 Diodes
50 x IN5822 Diodes

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