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DC5V 380ml Air Conditioner Fan Mini Cool Bedroom Desk Portable Cooler Cube Water USB Silent

Manufacturer: Serier Electronics

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DC5V 380ml Air Conditioner Fan Mini Cool Bedroom Desk Portable Cooler Cube Water USB Silent


Name: Mini Air Cooler
Water tank capacity: 380ml
Operating current: 0.2a - 1.4a
Input: DC5V
Power: 1-7 w
Material: ABS/ silica gel
Color: Gray, Blue, Pink
Duration: 3-8 hours (related to humidity of current environment)
- Removable water tank, convenient and more worry - free, easy to create a cool summer.
- Cooling system to create cool air. The water-cooled cooling system quickly lowers the inlet air temperature to blow away the heat for you.
- 380ml large-capacity water tank, can be used for a long time once filled, avoiding the trouble of frequent adding water, making cooling more convenient.
- More than a typhoon fan, set fan, purification cooling, humidifier integration of the cold fan.
- The ice curtain is like breathing in the forest, like the fresh wind after rain, like the cool feeling brought by indoor air conditioning, comfortable and pleasant.
- Multiple filtration purification, blowing clean cool air.
- Honeycomb type air inlet, effectively filter the dirty dust in the air.
- No blade air mouth design, anti - pinch hand.
- Squeeze type water inlet, gently press, quantitative water, not afraid of overflow.
- Energy saving design, according to natural phenomena and high-tech artificial evaporative cooling technology combined to evaporate the heat in the air, so that the temperature drop, bring you cool cold air.
- The feeling of freezing is quickly reached, saying goodbye to the hot and dry summer, and enjoying the feeling of cool and comfortable.
- Adjustable outlet, upper and lower adjustment of the wind, large range of cool release, cool and unimpeded.
- Silent operation, quiet no noise. Feel the cool cool breeze on the floor on a summer afternoon, and enjoy the quiet feeling of sleeping.
Package included:
1 x Mini Air Cooler

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